Hello 2021!

Ahhhhh that feels good to say doesn't it.....! ✨

Meet the TWISN 365 day marketing planner 2021/22 edition......

85 pages of digital business goodness for you to work through on your favourite notes app or to print off yourself.

It's available in multiple sizes and colours to be as unique as you are!

Reflections, goal setting, trackers, lists, financial goals, spaces to write, doodle and draw, wedding biz marketing goodness and social checklists too.

✨ Letting you shine throughout the year with balance, focus and productivity wherever you are! ✨

Whether you’re new to digital planning or not, this template is perfect for business owners at any stage of their business and is designed to be used any time of the year too.

Along with the essential & a few extra planner pages you need for better focus and results, you’ll be able to pay attention to tasks and eliminate what's unnecessary to stay productive and concentrate on what needs to be done the most!

✨ Schedule, plan and embrace every possibility with this planner for 2021 ✨